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Specializing in gourmet, hand made tamales. Using no lard, shortening or additional fats, we produce large, exotic, delicious tamales. By "large" we mean each tamale weighs 4+ oz., depending on size - hand made tamales are not all uniform in size. We aim for lots of filling, we don't "masa" round.

"Slap Ya Madre Good"

We Welcome Special Orders - Priced According to Ingredients.

To place an order, please e-mail us! YaYaTamales@gmail.com with what you want and how hot you want it!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

YaYa Product Information: We Welcome Special Orders and Catering

Specializing in large, gourmet, lard-free tamales with an international flair, we use only the finest ingredients to craft our tamales. We also offer international catering services.

Product List & Pricing:


Pollo Verde:  Inspired by enchiladas suizas, this tamale contains shredded chicken breast, sour cream, Monterey Jack cheese, spices and our green sauce.  $12/Dozen

Red Chile Pork:  Our take on traditional tamales, made with prime pork, house chile paste and traditional spices.  $12/Dozen

Jerk Chicken:  Jamaican-inspired, made with shredded chicken breast, jerk sauce, Jamaican spices, scotch bonnets and a touch of orange sweetness.  As hot, or as mild, as you want them.  $12/Dozen

Pork & Green Chile: Southwest Tex-Mex, made with shredded prime pork, roasted poblano peppers, cilantro and traditional spices. Hopped up with fresh jalapeno, upon request. $12/Dozen

Barbecue Pork: Inspired by N. Carolina pulled pork. Shredded barbecue pork and spices in a hush puppy-styled masa.  $12/Dozen

Buffalo Chicken: No bones about it, just like your favorite wings!  All white meat chicken, wing sauce and blue cheese in a buttery masa with whole kernel corn.  Mild heat, unless you request hotter.  $12/Dozen

Chipotle Picadillo:  Based on a Puerto Rican mainstay, made with ground beef, green olives, chipotle and traditional spices in a tomato-based sauce.  $12/Dozen

Jalapeno Popper:  Our take on grilled popper appetizers, made with cream cheese, jalapeno and bacon in a slightly sweet masa with whole kernel corn.  $12/Dozen

Black Bean & Queso Fresco:  South American inspired, made with black beans, traditional spices and crumbled queso fresco.  Also available without cheese (vegan). $12/Dozen

Spinach, Feta & Kalamata Olive:  Greek spanakopita meets tamale, made with chopped spinach, crumbled feta, kalamata olives and greek spices. Opa!  Olives omitted upon request.  $12/Dozen  

Big Easy Bullets: Our version of New Orleans hot, wet tamale, half-size red chile pork tamales, kicked up a notch and simmered in a chile broth.  Traditionally eaten in one big bite with a saltine cracker.  $8/dozen with a broth packet.

Indian Lamb: Inspired by masala curries, made with shredded leg of lamb and traditional curry spices.  $ Market Price/Dozen.

The Reuben: Inspired by the classic sandwich.  Corned beef, sauerkraut and swiss cheese in a rye-bread inspired masa.  Sounds crazy?  They are crazy delicious!  $ Market Price/Dozen with house thousand island, upon request.

Other Products, e-mail for pricing:

Carne Guisada, Texas Red Chile, Queso, Mexican Rice, Red Salsa, Green Salsa, Pico de Gallo, Pinto or Black Beans sold by the quart or gallon.  All tamales available in “cocktail” size for parties.

International Menu Catering Available, priced per person.

Mexican Spiced Brownies by the pan (8 x 8)

Order by e-mail:  yayatamales@gmail.com

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