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Specializing in gourmet, hand made tamales. Using no lard, shortening or additional fats, we produce large, exotic, delicious tamales. By "large" we mean each tamale weighs 4+ oz., depending on size - hand made tamales are not all uniform in size. We aim for lots of filling, we don't "masa" round.

"Slap Ya Madre Good"

We Welcome Special Orders - Priced According to Ingredients.

To place an order, please e-mail us! YaYaTamales@gmail.com with what you want and how hot you want it!

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Hot New Tamales: Spinach, Feta and Kalamata - Opa!

Yep, vegetarians rejoice - the YaYa's are at it again.  This time with a delightful spinach, feta tamale with just enough minced kalamata olive to lend a subtle saltiness to the mixture.  They were well received over the holidays.  Pricing for the spinach tamales is $6/half dozen & $12/dozen.  To order yours, just shoot us an e-mail, we're yayatamales@gmail.com.

We're also working on a new creation in honor of St. Patrick's Day and our delightful Irish friends.  We will begin experiments on a corned beef and cabbage tamale soon.  Yes, Virginia, it does sound strange - but, when the YaYa's get involved, delicious things happen.  We'll keep you apprised of the progress and feedback on this one.

Join us on Facebook, e-mail us your orders.  We love tamale love, even after a wildly busy Christmas Holiday season. 

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