Gourmet Guiltless Tamales

Specializing in gourmet, hand made tamales. Using no lard, shortening or additional fats, we produce large, exotic, delicious tamales. By "large" we mean each tamale weighs 4+ oz., depending on size - hand made tamales are not all uniform in size. We aim for lots of filling, we don't "masa" round.

"Slap Ya Madre Good"

We Welcome Special Orders - Priced According to Ingredients.

To place an order, please e-mail us! YaYaTamales@gmail.com with what you want and how hot you want it!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Labor Day Orders

Labor Day is fast approaching!  To ensure that you have a nice supply of tamales for your celebration, please begin placing orders any ole time now, as we will need to schedule some production time to enure that you received the freshest product we can provide.  Tamales are a great appetizer for a holiday barbecue or fish fry, just saying.  Plus, our lard-free gourmet concoctions are better for you than standard issue queso and chips.  

Please e-mail your order to:  yayatamales@gmail.com

Please specify spicy or mild, along with the flavor(s) you would like.

$6/half or $12/whole flavors:

Pork & Green Chile, Jerk Chicken, Pollo Verde, Jalapeno Popper, Cajun Beef, Pulled Pork, Chipotle Picadillo

$7.50/half or $15/whole

Indian Lamb, Crawfish Etouffee

We are planning a line-up of fall flavors, including Holiday Hog (Traditional red chile pork tamales) and Venison Chili (at least it's on the ole drawing board).  There are also plans for a squash tamale, and the idea is floating around for a pumpkin pie tamale.  You have any suggestions?  Please, hit us up at the address above.

Thank you for choosing YaYa Tamales